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We  service all brands of generators: Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Winco, GE, etc.

Installing A Residential or Commercial System in Southeastern Massachusetts

Cape Cod Electrical contractorsEnough is enough! You’ve had it!  Whether you are a Cape Cod home owner or a business owner severe storms with power outages wreak havoc on your daily life!

Severe weather has taken its toll over the last few years.  No more simple thunderstorms, or snow storms…  They are SUPER STORMS!!

Don’t live without power for ONE MORE STORM !   Call Cape Cod's Generator Specialist, RCA Generators, today to meet with you to discuss all your power needs.  RCA Generators is an authorized dealer for both Generac & Kohler Generators.  Not only do we install Generac & Kohler stand alone generators but RCA Generators services ALL brands of stand alone generators.  


How Much Will It Cost ?

Cape Cod Generator InstallationEvery generator installation is individually priced upon the customer’s needs When it comes to selecting a generator for your home or business there are many variables that come into play for the cost of the system such as: the brand of generator you would like to install, the size of the generator you choose, where you would like the generator placed on the property, and if there is natural gas available or will propane need to be installed.  

This may seem like a lot of information to think about, but rest assured once our experienced generator representative meets with you and walks the property with you, answers all of your questions, he will recommend a realistic solution and budget for your automatic standby generator system. RCA Generators will guide you through the complete turn-key installation of your generator project.


What Size Do I Need ?

Generator sizing is according to your power needs and not the square footage of your home or business. Our generator representative will guide you in the process of choosing the appropriate size generator for your home or business by following these steps:

  1. Completing a thorough inspection of the existing electrical service
  2. Completing a thorough inspection of the existing gas load and the gas meter size on the outside of the home.
  3. Discussing your needs upon a power outage:  Essential Circuit Coverage or Complete Whole- House/Business Coverage.  
  4. A  detailed estimate will be provided with all information needed for the turn-key installation of your automatic standby generator system


What Does Installation Involve ?

Automatic standby generators are permanently wired into your home or business and many specific details will need to be followed.  A sample of our installation process is as follows:

  • Meet with our generator specialist for a site meeting to determine brand, size, location and budget for your power needs.
  • Upon customer acceptance of estimate provided the scheduling will begin.
  • Installation date is coordinate with RCA Generators, gas fitter and customer.
  • All municipality permits are filed.
  • Site work completed, generator installed, electrical component complete, gas or propane complete (this process can take between 1-3 full days of work depending on your specific installation)
  • Gas inspection by municipality
  • RCA Technician returns at a scheduled time with customer to activate the warranty setup of the generator and perform a detailed orientation with the customer and answer any questions you may have.
  • Electrical municipality inspection after the generator is activated and running as designed.
  • RCA Generators office staff will complete all registration and warranty aspects of the installation and provide you with all detailed information regarding your new automatic standby generator.

 Please contact RCA Generators today for a quote.